Our Activities

Functions of the Medical Committee
The medical committee was chaired by Dr. Eman Jawali.
Dr.Ahmed Bahrouh - Vice President
Abdullah Al - Radwan - Reporter
Dr.Badr Al - Issa - Member
Altaf Alissa - Member
Dr. Sabah Al-Hadidi - Member 

- The main tasks of the Medical Committee are concentrated in the following:

  1. Approval of the final form of forms required for treatment and support.
  2. To ensure that the necessary approvals are taken in the Ministry of Health and the management of hospitals and private centers on circulating them to their social offices competent to support patients with disabilities.
  3. Reviewing the medical reports and verifying the validity of the attached forms data before approval.
  4. To ascertain the prices of treatment services and follow up their changes in the Ministry of Health and all hospitals and private centers.
  5. Follow-up of patients receiving support and ensure access to service to them with continuous communication with service providers in addition to the generation of reports that support the continuity of support in chronic cases.
  6. Provide documented statistics every 3 months of the Board of Directors on the cases and the value of support.
Functions of the Finance Committee
The Finance Committee is chaired by Mr. Abdullah Al Radwan.
Samira Al-Qenai - Vice President 
Sorour Samurai - Reporter
Dr. Badr Al - Issa - Member 
Fatma Al Sarraf - Member 
Farah Khaja - Member

- The most important tasks of the Finance Committee are concentrated in the following:
  1. Development of the resources of the Financial Society.
  2. Collection of contributions.
  3.  Work to retain members of the association and gain new members.
  4. Proposing ways to invest the funds of the Assembly to the Board of Directors.
Tasks of the Social / Media Committee
The Social / Media Committee is chaired by Mr. Baqer Behbehani.
Khaled Bishara - Vice President
Fatouh Al-Daliali - General Secretary
Laila Al Ajmi - Member
Batul Al-Sarraf - Member
Laila Sarraf - Member

- The most important tasks of the social / media committee are concentrated in the following:
  1. Full supervision of social and official parties such as public associations and others after the approval of the Board of Directors and determine the balance of the concert.
  2. Coordination with the media to attend the concerts and gatherings of the Assembly.
  3. Suggest to the Governing Council events in which concerts can be held in order to increase the resources of the Assembly from voluntary contributions.
  4.  Promote the association and encourage the public to become members.