21 Jan 2019

Mercy required

 1 PM   Kuwait

Other messages, in which my senders request, provide material assistance to non-Kuwaiti patients, often children or poor people, with incurable diseases and can not afford the high cost of treatment, especially after the Ministry of Health's recent decision to refrain from covering the cost of non-Kuwaiti treatment State hospitals. The majority of these messages may be honest, but what prevents them from responding is the lack of transparency in such matters. Where is the donation, and the patient a young child? How is the donation, what is the amount to be covered, or collected? How do you know that the amount requested is not fully covered and no other contributions are needed? And other questions that often do not have sufficient answers. The optimal solution of course in such circumstances is to donate in the area of ​​helping patients, and ask those responsible to ensure that the donation amounts are directed to the treatment of a specific child or girl .. But, a big ah but! Those who ensure that the association will actually spend money on the sick child, for example, if it is discovered that it belongs to a religion or religion that differs from the doctrine or religion of the "dams of the society", which is known for its assistance is limited to "a quarter"! And what about the neglect of the association in terms of preserving the funds of its donors, whose accountant «Egyptian insured», years ago, embezzling the equivalent of four million dollars of the accounts of the Association in the bank, over four years, without feeling or discover any Of the members of the association entrusted with its funds embezzlement operations, in spite of the magnitude of what has been dissolved, and the length of the period. The defendant, the fugitive, had already been sentenced to prison and paid for what he had already embezzled, and the association promised to bring him from a Gulf state, "Waid's sister," but that did not happen, even though we challenged the board of directors of the association to acquit her and prepare him for Kuwait. The presence of those who covered his misappropriations. Therefore, he does not want his return to Kuwait so as not to expose what is hidden. Of course, we do not forget the scandal of the association itself committing, or including its cafes in hospitals, clinics and medical centers for influential individuals, including a deputy who admitted the incident, and vowed to end his lucrative contracts with the association. With so many non-Kuwaitis living and working, and with the high cost of treatment for an uninsured resident, Kuwait urgently needs an association that helps resident patients, who are truly more neutral, do not differentiate between nationality and other, Religion and others. Thus, either a new association will be established, or the Ministry of Affairs will force the Assembly to work more transparently and appoint members from outside, so that it can deliver its services to all those in need and not to one category. To be more positive, I am announcing my willingness to work with others to apply for the establishment of a new Real Patient Aid Society. I also announced my readiness to donate 50 thousand dinars, and I will not ask for any position for myself. The field is open to those who wish to participate in the establishment.