26 Dec 2019

and from us to the beloved and authentic Kuwait


I do not exaggerate in saying that the scene of that evening compensated us with a great deal of the pain of alienation from the homeland all this age, and we felt more than ever the warmth of Kuwait with its people, its leadership and friends and its embrace of us, and the surplus of affection cleared of us some of the fatigue of the fifty years that we spent in work, diligence and perseverance.

When normal human thinking is coupled with unprecedented work and qualitative initiatives, great accomplishments are achieved beyond any expectations.This is what can be said comfortably about the "Kuwaiti Humanitarian Friendship Society" and its civilizational launch project, which is represented by seven specific and direct goals, free from creation and theorization, and between the two goals are for residents, and they are expressed with originality and love: they are honoring the veterans of Kuwait who have continuously exceeded fifty years And committed to various laws, and work to strengthen the bonds of friendship and love with residents by participating in their national holidays.

These two goals were coupled with the implementation immediately after the announcement and announcement of the «Kuwaiti Humanitarian Friendship Society» about itself, and through word and action the society has revived many impressions and positive energy among the residents of the residents, and has devoted original concepts to Kuwait and its people, leadership, culture and openness.
I say authentic because Kuwait has known these concepts and many other advantages since its first history, opened its chest in its contemporary history to residents, and provided specific opportunities for many of them, and helped them to show their excellence and creativity in many areas, locations and achievements in which they left their mark.
When I retrieved the tape of my memories from the early years in Kuwait, many of the honorable Kuwaiti and Kuwaiti brothers ’names brought to me, who had great credit for providing the appropriate environment that helped me accomplish what I did in the hotel and tourism sector in the private and government sectors, which honored me to be among the first ten Honored by the "Kuwait Humanitarian Friendship Society".

Through this direct positive human depth on souls, ideas, and ties, one can look at the utmost importance to the goals of the "Kuwaiti Humanitarian Friendship Association", from the honorable Kuwaiti brothers, and by the residents who work from the bottom of their heart in this country, and spend the most important years of their giving and youth, stressing So they are not just wage earners or passersby.

Perhaps we are so, and each of us in his own way, we can meet the noble civilized goals of the board of directors and members of the "Kuwaiti Humanitarian Friendship Society" and its president, Professor Ahmed Al-Sarraf, for them and for all of Kuwait and its originality, for the friends and friends whom I knew in the beloved Kuwait throughout this life, all the friendliness, gratitude, great fulfillment and appreciation.