28 Nov 2018

During a dinner organized by the association to honor members, donors and supporters of its activities


The Chairman of the Kuwaiti Humanitarian Society, Ahmed Al-Sarraf, affirmed that the association seeks to be exemplary in its work, away from any religious or ethnic polarization, and that it be for everyone.

This came during a dinner held by the association yesterday evening to honor the members and donors, and at the same time to increase acquaintance with each other and exchange views and ideas on mechanisms to help the needy in Kuwait according to the declared goals of the association.

The cashier said: We will strive to show the beautiful human face of Kuwait internally and among the various communities, as we will work to honor those who lived and worked in Kuwait honestly and honestly, for more than 50 years, including Muhammad Najia who is among us today, and we will be a title of transparency in our work and ensuring credibility, and help for all Need in our beautiful home.

He added: Our upcoming activities, social events and assistance will be a vital factor in alleviating the suffering of many, and in improving the image of Kuwait even abroad, pointing out that their goal is for the resident to return to his homeland in the end while he carries a beautiful image of us all.

The cashier added: I will personally strive to always be part of this association without having a direct role in its management, as I have previously pledged.

The teller opened the meeting with a word in which he reviewed his beginning with the charitable work, saying: Historically, I have always been critical of charities, and I have written about dozens of articles for a quarter of a century. Suddenly, I found myself president of a charity, it seems somewhat funny, and does not agree with my personality, and then he said I have a friend that this is not my place, so how did he criticize acting and actors and suddenly he becomes an actor? Or how did he criticize politicians for a quarter of a century and then decide to become a politician? And so on. But the issue is not so simple. I criticized the actions of the charities, and I did not criticize the charitable work in itself. I criticized the mismanagement and insistence on spending abroad and focusing on the mobilization of preachers and the drilling of wells, and other projects, which, despite their immediate benefit, were marginal. The lives of the poor have not changed much, despite the billions spent on them.

Al-Sarraf touched on the story of the founding of the Humanitarian Friendship Association, explaining that the story started in January 2018 when he wrote an article calling for the establishment of an association for the needy from the patients living among us, who do not receive enough attention from charities for one reason or another.

He pointed out that he mentioned in the article his willingness to donate the amount of 50 thousand dinars to this association, if it was established, as it pledged in the article not to seek to take up any position in the association to be established, pointing out that on the same day of writing the article, he received a call from Brother Yahya Al-Bassam asking to meet him on a topic The association and he would like to talk to him.

And he added that the meeting was almost silent, a few words they exchanged, then Al-Bassam surprised him by delivering a certified check from a bank in whose name he issued an amount of 50 thousand dinars! So he asked him: What is this? He said: This is a donation to the association! He felt goose bumps, and he apologized for not accepting the check because the association had not yet been established, and told him that when this was done he would not hesitate to contact him.

He added that when he entered his office after that, the secretary told him that two people he called offer to contribute to founding the association, then he opened the email and found a message from a reader he did not know offering the donation, then the surprise came in calling M. George Awda, who is a wonderful Lebanese, offering to contribute a large amount to the association And the next day, he received letters, official books, and calls from many, mentioning Mounira Al-Mutawa, Abdulaziz Al-Sultan, Saud Al-Arfaj, Anwar Al-Sultan, Faisal Al-Sultan, Sultan Educational Association and Jassim Muhammad Abdul-Wahab, and others who do not have enough room to mention their names all.

He added that the donations continued until the association was established, and as he had previously pledged, he refused to manage it, but the majority of the co-founders insisted on keeping him, even at the current stage, because the donations were related to his name, and he was forced to.

He added that the association was known last April and was close to agreement with the Ministry of Health on providing assistance to needy patients and covering the costs of their treatment.