Assisting the Disabled Patients Project..

Assisting the Disabled Patients Project

Whether as inpatients or outpatients, our society provides assistance to patients who have difficulties covering the cost of the medical services, devices, and surgical operations.The beneficiary category: the patients who are unable to afford their medical expences regardless of their nationality.The duration of the project is six months from the date of approval and renewable for other similar periods.Financing the project comes directly from the society's funds or from the voluntary contributions or earmarked contributions for this particular project.

How we help
Payments shall be made only to government and private hospitals, pharmaceutical agents and medical devices are paid by checks none of the patients will personally recieve the money.The method of approval of the exchange cases is presented to the Medical Committee of the Society, which transmits the recommendation to the Board of Directors for the final decision.

License No. X.3 / 3/2019

The beginning of the project 15/04/2019

The end of the project 15/10/2019